Sunday, August 8, 2010

Summer vacations 2010

Well, we finally got a little vacation time this summer, and boy was it fun. We didn't go too far, but it was far enough. First we went to my Grandma's cabin up by Sundance. The five hour drive was pretty long for all of us. When we were about to Salt Lake, Seth said the funniest thing, Seth:"Mom, it's killing me!" Me: "What's killing you?" ( I thought he was talking about his legs or something that was hurting him) Seth: "The driving, it's killing me!" Even though the drive was long, I think the boys had a nice time. I loved going to the cabin as a kid, so it was super fun to have the boys do some of the things I used to do. We hiked to the falls, played in the water, and just had a nice visit with cousins and family. Here are some pics of the hike.
Ethan all ready for his first hike.
The boys taking a little rest.

At Stewart Falls trying to touch the water
Getting our feet wet, isn't that water fall beautiful?!

I had to add this last picture because quite a few people say that Ethan looks like a cupie(?) doll, and we found one at the cabin and had to take a picture of it. I guess they kinda do look alike. :)

Last weekend was Rodeo Weekend in Preston, so of course we came down for at least on of the days. It was a pretty rainy day, but it was still fun. The boys loved getting the candy from the parade, and afterwards we went to the carnival. The boys loved the rides, in fact Seth loved them so much, he keeps asking to go back. Luckily it's only in town for 3 days or I'd be broke. Here are the boys on a couple of rides.

Here's what Ethan got to do during the carnival, not very fun, but he was a good sport.

I also finally go all the boys' pictures done and back, and I love them! They all turned out so cute! I was surprised since they always seem ornery on picture day.

Last, but certainly not least, I had to post this picture of Brad. Since we've been married his crazy antics have certainly slowed down almost to a halt, but this last weekend he was dared $75 to run, jump and dive off a bridge by his brother Todd. If any of you know Brad you know he will take just about any dare. So, he packed us all in the car and we drove up to Ashton to watch him dive off this (20 foot or so) bridge. I had the boys and the camera, and we all watched him let out his war cry and jump into the freezing water. What a man! The boys thought this was so awesome that when he got out of the water they wanted him to do it again. It was starting to rain, so he didn't, but the boys were so impressed. (So was I) Here he is just about to hit the water!