Sunday, May 2, 2010

What's been happening....

Well, not a whole lot. We had some awesome summer weather for like a week, then Mother Nature thought it would be super funny to make it winter again. It's been raining and snowing forever. I'm OK with snow, but I don't like to be teased. I already put away the snow clothes and got out our summer ones, so I guess we'll just chill inside in our shorts and watch the snow fall. :)
While it was nice outside we did do a couple fun things. We went to bear world with our neighbors and the boys got to pet a baby bear. It was so cute! I've never seen one up close before. Seth keeps wanting to go back and see the big ones. We'll see...

I did get Lukey's 2 year pics done, and I love them. I'm suprised she even got any smiling, but she ended up catching quite a few. I got a super great idea from my friend. I'm just going to start taking the kids in on their birthdays for their yearly pics, so that way I won't forget. Then sometime throughout the year I'll get our family one done. Here are a couple of my favs. I'm sorry, but he's so handsome! We've also been going for walks and cleaning out the flower beds. We only get to go for one walk a day, other wise I'll be dead. I take the baby in the backpack, and the two boys in the double stroller. Do they even make triple strollers?! Well, if they do, I might be in the market for one.

While it's been cold outside (which has been most of the time) I've decided that I wanted to paint. I've finished the boys room and the baby's room, but I want to do mine and Brads room and the kitchen. If I ever take pictures, or if the boys room is ever clean, I'll post some.

Other than that we pretty much make our own fun. Here are the boys with my headbands on making funny faces. Silly kids! They make me laugh everyday!
Ethan is getting too big too fast! I can't believe he is already almost 6 months. He's starting to roll, and he loves his walker. I love it too. He likes the back pack, and will even fall asleep in it sometimes. He is such a sweetie! Every morning I walk in to get him he's all smiles. He almost sleeps all through the night too. He goes to bed at 7:30, and wakes up at 4:00 to eat, then 6:00 with everyone else.

Easter was way nice too. We missed one Easter egg hunt, but made it to the one at the grocery store. It was pretty cute. They even had the Easter bunny there, and Luke just loved him. I was suprised that no one cried. Even Ethan was good.

Seth is getting so grown up. He helps me all the time, and is so proud when he cleans his room all by himself. So am I. He's almost done with Pre-school, this is our last week. We're both going to miss it. :) I can't believe he's almost 4 years old. :( I love all of them so much!We've been pretty lonely around our house since Brad's work has been picking up. He leaves at about 6:30 a.m. and usually doesn't get home until about 9:30 p.m. I miss him around the house, and so do the boys, but I'm just thankful that he has so much work, and that he's willing to work such long hours to provide for us. He's such a good dad! Love ya hun!