Monday, January 3, 2011

Christmas 2010

For those of you in warmer places, I'm super jealous! We have pretty much been freezing (or below freezing) here lately. It's been so cold that we stay inside until we can't stand it anymore. We finally ventured outside this last week, and boy was it cold! It hurts just to breathe in such cold air. Here are the boys sporting their new winter atire in the frigid temperatures.

Well, this holiday season was full of fun and a little sickness. Brad and I both came down with strep-throat the Tuesday before Christmas. We pretty much felt like dying. I was afraid that we weren't going to be ready for Christmas, but we ended up pulling it together. Christmas ended up being super fun! (as usual) We had a great time visiting family and opening all our presents. The boys are at such a fun age for all the holidays. I loved seeing their faces on Christmas morning. They were so excited! They are still a little young, because we had to talk them into going into the living room, and that Santa had really come, but once they saw it they were in awe. I only got a few pics that don't really show all the excitement of the morning, but that's OK.

We also had a super fun New years eve party with a couple of our friends. I just had to post this super cute pic of Ethan with our friends baby because they both had on the same jammies. It was just too cute!