Thursday, April 12, 2012

Birthdays, Christmas and more

So I've decided I can only post about 2 times a year because that seems to be about as often as I think about it.  :) 
I guess I'll start from Christmas.  So after our Hawaii trip our camera was broken from all the sand, so for Christmas I got a new camera.  I love it!  It's been super fun! The boys got spoiled of course.  They had such a fun day!  They make Christmas so much fun!  Here are the boys showing off some of their spoils. 

Next would be Lukey's 4th birthday.  I am trying to do a big party for their birthday every 4 years so that the parties fall on the big birthdays like 4,8,12,16.  Anyways, this year was Lukes turn and he wanted a Mario party.  This kid loves Mario and video games so I decided to give it a try.  It ended up pretty darn cute.  I made each boy a hat.  Luke of course was Mario, Ethan was going to be Luigi (but he fell asleep during the party so we let Luke best friend be him) Seth was Wario, and the rest of the friends were Toadies.  We started by making Mario carts out of boxes and racing downstair.  Then we played all the games.  There was the ghost bean bag toss, pop the gumbas, find yoshi's eggs, and the bomb pinata.  In each of these there were gold coins to collect just like on the games, so the boys thought it was pretty awesome!

Lukey loves anything Mario, and loves to play outside with his best buddy Rhett.  He's getting super fast on his big boy bike, and likes to play/fight with his brothers.  He is the cutest little 4 year old I know.  And he is my best hugger.  Lukey is quite the lovey boy and we love him so much!

Next I just have to say thank goodness two year olds are so cute, otherwise their messes wouldn't be nearly as fun to clean up. :)  Ethan has been bringing out all his two year old business.  Some of my favs. are when he gets my muffin tin out and fills it with cereal. 

Then there is is "booga booga"  move where when he doesn't have pants on he pulls his shirt down over his legs and waddles around saying, "booga booga".  So Funny!!!
He also loves wearing this tigger costume, he even had to wear it the the Easter egg hunt this year.  :)These last two just show some of the things he does to keep busy like playing in the flour while I was making pie and putting on some beautiful bright pink lipstick (which he thought was pretty scary once he saw himself in the mirror).
But with a face like this handsome devil who can resist the cuteness?!
One last note of info....we just found out we are having a girl!!!  I know I know I am so excited!  We are due the first week in August, but the day doesn't matter cuz I'm planning on the end of July. ;) We'll see how it goes.  Until then I'm picking out anything pink and purple I can find!
Lastly, Easter was wonderful.  The boys got their super handsome church clothes from Grandma LeeAnn.  They also had a super fun time finding eggs and flying their new kites. 

Saturday, December 3, 2011

Catch up on the rest of 2011......

Well, I've been a major slacker so I'm going to attempt to sum up the whole year in one post! We'll see how this ends up...I'm afraid it's going to be a long one. I guess I'll start just after Brad's birthday which was way back in April. Whoa. Anyways, we spent our summer swimming in Rigby Lake, playing with friends, and riding our bikes. I finally got a baby seat on my bike so now we can all go. Woo Hoo!

In June Seth turned the Big 5! I can't believe he is that old! He had a great birthday and wanted a transformer cake, so I let the professionals at Broulim's help me out with that one. I know, I know I sold out, but I knew I couldn't make what he wanted. I've also been busy crocheting. We (my mom, my sister-in-law Ashlee, and I ) started selling crocheted hats at a store here in Rigby. That kept me busy a lot of the summer. Surprisingly enough, people bought them all year. So here are a few I made for my neighbors  kids and mine.

We did eventually make it up to the cabin this summer and hiked the falls, which was way too much fun! I just absolutely love it there! Here's the fam at Stewart Falls. We also had fun doing our annual zoo visit, and feeding the ducks along the green belt. We also made it to Lagoon, and the carnival. 

We attempted our first camping trip this summer as well. My family camps at Bear Lake about every year, so this year I really wanted the boys to experience camping. Summer is Brad's busiest time, so he couldn't make it with us, and I thought I could handle one day by myself. My family was all there of course so that was super helpful, but it was hard to keep all the boys out of the fire and not lost. We did all survive, but I couldn't sleep all night in our tent, because I thought we were going to get eaten by a bear. We also went to Minatonka Cave which Seth just loved! Luke liked it the whole way in, and didn't like it the whole way out. Ethan stayed out with my uncle which was a life saver.

In August or maybe September Seth started kindergarten. He is doing so well! He knows all his ABC's and is starting to read. I am so proud of my little buddy! It took me a while to get used to being on a different schedule, but we are finally getting the hang of it. He goes everyday half a day in the afternoons.
He loves his teacher Mrs. Tucker, and if anybody asks what his favorite part of school is he says, "the bus" because he likes to bounce up when they hit the bump on the way home.

We had an awesome Halloween this year! We dressed up as Batman characters. (I have to give most of the credit to Caranna, cuz she did this with her family not too long ago, and we loved it!) Anyways, Luke was Batman (of course), Ethan was Robin, Seth was two-face, and I was Poison Ivy, Brad was going to be Mr. Freeze, but he had to work too late. Seth has been asking to be two face ever since last Halloween, so he was super excited when his face turned out so cool. He loved it! I ended up taking them all to King's because they were having a costume contest, and Seth ended up winning 2nd place! He got a $30 gift card to King's and spent it on 2 toys for himself and one for each brother. He's the best big brother ever! He really is as sweet as he sounds.

November 9th Ethan turned 2 years old.  He loves Spiderman, Batman, and any other man.  He loves his blankie, and bottle (which we are taking away as we speak).  He loves being outside, and the swings.  He also loves his brothers in every way.....loves to play and loves to fight. 

The second week of November is going down in the history books. We (me and Brad, and our friends the Barton's and the Smith's) went on vacation to Hawaii! I know! It's just crazy! I can't believe we actually got to go there. And let me tell you it is all I ever dreamed it would be. We spent 6 days on the Big Island, and 3 days on Oahu. The whole trip was amazing from the air plane ride to snorkeling (this was my first time on a big plane) :) I have never seen such cool things. My favorite was seeing the sea turtles while we were snorkeling. They were just right there by us! We did some amazing things while we were there; one highlight was a manta ray dive. We were so close to them that they would bump us sometimes, and they were huge! I also loved playing in the giant wave on Sunset Beach. We couldn't stop laughing it was so fun! We went to the Polynesian Cultural Center (which was amazing) and Pearl Harbor, we also went to see the volcano, and where it erupted and covered a whole subdivision not too long ago. I had a wonderful time, but I missed the boys like crazy! I would call every night to see how they were doing, but I couldn't talk to them because I was afraid we would all be too sad. We brought them back some fun things, and it was super fun to walk in the door and get mauled to death! I loved every minute of it!

Now we're just getting ready for Christmas, and I can't wait to see the boys' faces! We hit some amazing deals on Black Friday and got some super fun things for super great prices! I love Christmas! All in all it was a super fun year, sorry for the quick sum up, and I'll try to do better. People have probably stopped reading my blog because it's been so long, so for my faithful friends out there who still check....This is for you!

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Easter, Birthdays, and all kinds of fun!

Sorry it's been so long, I'm just not the best blogger in the world. But we have been up to some super fun things! We'll start off with Brad's Birthday! He turned the big 3 0 this year! He wasn't super excited. I told him that 30 wasn't very old, then added that I definately didn't want to be 30! He didn't think that was as funny as I did. We started off the festivities by decorating his truck in the morning before he went to work. I wrote all over the windows with window paints things like, "Happy birthday!" " Big 30!" and on the back window I wrote "It's my sweetie's birthday HONK cuz he's 30!". I don't know why he didn't just love it :), but he washed it off before I could get a picture of it. After work we had cake and opened presents. All in all a fun day! Here's a couple pics of the party.This last one is of the boys all "helping" dad open his presents. Next we have Easter. That was a blast! I ended up making the boys all matching ties, and me and Brad kind of matched. I was pretty happy with the end result of the ties considering I don't sew much. Easter is always a fun time. The boys loved dying all the eggs. We got a monster kit this time and they turned out so cute!

The boys also loved finding all the Easter eggs, eating all their candy, and meeting the Easter bunny. In fact Seth ate so much candy he threw it up Easter night. That was a sad ending to a really great day, the poor kid won't hardly touch candy now. My family ended up coming over to our house to have an Easter dinner. It's always so great to get together with them.

We also went to Seth's pre-school graduation on Thursday. What cuties they all were. Sadly I'm kind of a crappy camera mom and forgot mine, but we took some after. Seth loved his little dog he got from his teacher Miss Paula, he named it Ryan after our friend's little baby.
I just had to throw this one in here because Seth is so funny! He dresses up like a different character almost everyday, and he Loves being the villan. This day he was two face from Batman.
One of the excuses I have for NOT blogging is because I've been crocheting up a storm! My mom taught me how to crochet those cute little headbands with flowers, then we got a pattern to make hats. I love them! My boys have like a billion hats now, but I have to make 3 of each kind. One for each boy of course. And then I've been making some for other people as well. Here are just a couple different ones I've made.