Friday, November 28, 2008

The Many Faces of Seth and Luke

Happy Thanksgiving everyone! I hope everyones holiday went well. We had such a nice time staying in Rigby for Thanksgiving this year with Brad's family. I am so thankful for all that I have. My sweet husband, my two amazing little boys, and wonderful family and friends. All three of my boys are so sweet and I love them all! Here's all three of them playing in Seth's bed.

I got a little excited about the holidays today after going shopping, and decided to come home and put up our Christmas decorations. Seth was my big helper today. He loved decorating the front room, but his favorite part was the Christmas tree. He loved hanging the decorations, especially the Santa Claus one. He has been taking the Santa decoration off and putting it back up all night, and he'll walk around saying, "ho ho ho merry christmas." (it's sooooo cute!) I think Luke has an ear infection, so he didn't have quite as much fun, but he loves the lights. Here is Seth being my Christmas helper.

I'm so excited for this Christmas! It's so fun to see Seth understanding everything more and getting excited for the Christmas tree and all the decorations. I can't wait to see how excited he'll be when he opens his presents on Christmas morning! It's taking all my self control not to buy anymore toys for the boys (because they're just so dang fun to buy for!)

Since it's been so cold lately, we've been staying indoors a little more. Here's one of Seth's favorite things to do when we're stuck inside. This is Seth showing off all his masks. He is such a character! He loves to be a "guy" almost every day. Here he is as the Flash, Batman, and Nacho Libre. What a poser!

Luke has also been showing off for us lately. He has been pulling the funniest faces. My favorite is when he scrunches up his nose. He's also learned a few new tricks this past week. He can clap, wave, and stand up while holding on to things. (He's had a few bonks from the latter, but he's getting better at landing on his bum instead of his face). Here are a few cute faces that I've caught.

Friday, November 7, 2008

A Boy Story

Wow! What a weekend! We started off our festivities on Thursday by dressing up and going to Melaluca to trick or treat. I guess they put on a big trick or treating bash in there office every year ( it's supposed to be for the employees and their families, but way more people go than that). They did a great job! Every cubicle was decorated and they had themes for each department, and it must be manditory for the employees to dress up, because everyone was decked out for their area. Some were really fun like the Peter Pan one, but some (like the Star Wars one) were a little too scary for Seth. I pretty much carried Seth while I pushed Luke in the stroller, but it was pretty fun. We went with some of our friends and got a ton of candy. It was way fun to see all the kids we play with in their costumes.

On Halloween we got all dressed up around 3:00. Seth was Buzz Lightyear, and Luke was Woody. They turned out pretty cute, but I only had room on my camera for two pictures, and we took them after they went trick or treating, so they were pretty tired. Anyways, we went to see Grandma Lee Ann at the bank, and then went to our cousins house to see their costumes. After a quick visit with the fam we tried to make it to the trunk or treat, but we were too late. So we started trick or treating early with our neighbor (Grandma Wood). It was the perfect night for trick or treating, it was so warm that I just brought a blanket along in the stroller, and we were able to go around most of our subdivion. Seth picked up on the whole "trick or treat" thing pretty quick, and he thought it was great that everybody was giving him treats. We cut through one of our friends yard when it started getting dark, because we already had a ton of candy, and Luke fell asleep. When we got home we took off one more time to go trick or treating at Grandma Lee Ann's house. When we finally came home we all crashed. What a fun Halloween!!!

Monday, October 13, 2008


It's been a while! Holy cow! I am so bad about blogging! I just run out of time, and when I finally do have a minute, I look at everyone elses blogs instead of doing my own. Well, I guess I'll catch up month by month. So August 22nd was our 5 year anniversary. I can't believe it's already been 5 years! They've been amazing! I Love Brad So Much! We were going to go out and have a nice dinner and go to a movie (since we haven't been without Luke ) but it turned out Luke wasn't ready to be left alone with Grandma quite yet. He screamed non-stop for 45 minutes, while Seth cried to go outside. Brad's Mom finally called us, so we hurried home to find Luke had just fallen back to sleep. So, we ate our dinner out of the to-go containers while we watched the news. It was still a great anniversary because we got to spend it together, but hopefully next years runs a little smoother. Here are a few engagement and wedding pics. The wedding ones are pictures of the pictures, because I never got them put on a CD...oops.

They say bad things come in 3's. Well, for us all 3 came about the last week of August and the first weeks of September. First off my baby sister Kadee fell off the monkey bars at the park and broke her right arm (a couple days before school started). Then my little brother Adam shot a nail into his hand at work. And Lastly, Brad was breaking or bending rebar with my cousin and got hit in the back of the head with it. He came inside and passed out in the other room, and ended up with a serious concussion. He was sick for a few days.

On a happier note, Adam got his mission call! He's going to Hawaii!
We also have my brother Jake living with us now and going to school. If you have anyone to set him up with let me know. Luke is growing up so fast, he's crawling now and can make it all over the house. I can't believe he is almost 8 months old. He is such a sweetie!

Both of the boys love uncle Jake. They have tons of fun with him. Seth is starting to be my little helper. He helps my make the beds and do the laundry. Sometimes his helping is really messing, but at least he tries. We also finally sold the house in Ucon. It's such a relief to get that off our backs especially since winter is on its way.

Saturday, July 5, 2008

Happy Birthday Seth!!

Happy 2nd Birthday to my little buddy Seth! His birthday was actually a while ago on the 28th of June, but it's never too late to say Happy Birthday. Well, Seth had a great day, he got spoiled rotten (as usual). He loves Batman, so we decided to have a Batman Birthday this year. I made him a Batman cake, and he got a little Batman action figure along with Batman pajamas, and Batman sunglasses. He also got some other great gifts, especially from his grandparents, but he happened to open the Batman action figure first, and then that was all he wanted to play with. He didn't even want to open the rest of the presents, so his cousins helped him out. He also loved his cake, it was nothing spectacular, but it was good enough for him! We had such a blast with all our friends and family over for cake and ice cream. Even our newly adopted grandparents/neighbors came, it was great!

I just can't believe Seth is already 2 years old. He's getting so big, and he copies everything we say. He talks a ton, but most of the time I have to be the translator. He loves to play with his toys, and his new thing is to line up all his toys in a single file line. He makes lines out of everything. It's a great way to keep him entertained at church, I just have to make sure that I bring enough cars and trucks to keep him busy. He also loves to throw all his toys down the stairs and in the toilet. He's such a little boy!

Luke is getting big too! It's so fun to see the boys interact with one another. Luke loves to watch Seth all the time. It's amazing that he already looks up to his big brother. He wants to be big like him in every way. Seth is also a great big brother. He'll lay by Luke on the floor, and give him toys to play with all the time.

It is such a blast being a mom! My favorite thing is to think of new things for them to do. There are so many ways to have fun. We go to the free summer movies, swim (at our house, the lake, or the pool), go to the parks, or just go for walks. My favorite is when Brad gets off early and we go walk around the Green Belt as a family, and let Seth chase the ducks. The other day we took him down there and he was having a great time trying to catch a duck. There was a couple fishing on the grass, and there were some geese right by them, so Seth went over. As he walked up to them one of them pooped on the grass. We thought Seth would try to touch the geese, but instead he picked up the freshly layed poop. We both dove for him but it was too late. He had grabbed it, but let go as soon as I started squealing. It was so nasty!

Well, as for me and Brad, we are doing great! Our family is growing and Brad's done with school. He finished in April 2007 with a Construction Management Degree, and is currently doing concrete flatwork full time. We were trying the whole building and selling thing which went well for the first few houses, but we still have one that we're sitting on, so I'm not sure when we'll build again. It's been a great experience to work together on getting the houses finished. I'm so glad that Brad is such a hard worker! He's the Best!

Well, I just finished school as well. I finally got my 2 year only took me 5 years. It's nice to have it though, and to be done. Now I just get to stay at home and try to be the best mom I can be. I LOVE IT!!! Here's a pic. of my 3 boys!

Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Getting started

Wow! This is pretty fun, thanx Leah for getting me to start a blog. The only thing is that I don't have much to talk about. Well we did have our second baby on February 16th 2008. We named him Luke Phoenix Christensen, and he was 8lbs 2oz. It's been great having two little boys. They are so much fun! This time around has been a little less stressfull too. Luke is 3 months now, and he's getting HUGE! I bet he's almost doubled his weight since he was born. He's so sweet, he will talk and smile at anyone whose looking his way, it's great having him in our family.

Seth is starting to be my little helper.He helps me with the dishes and the laundry, and anything else he can get his hands on. I can tell when he thinks he's being most helpful, it's when all the clothes are pulled out of the laundry baskets, the pillows are pulled off the beds, and most of my decorations have been thrown down the stairs. He's a handful, but he sure is fun! He's starting to finally like baby Luke. He gives him kisses, and wants to hold him sometimes. He calls the baby "Gook". Well two boys are quite a handfull, but I love what I do everyday.

This is Seth helping me while I'm doing the dishes. I left for a minute, and when I came back, he had dipped his whole head in the sink.