Sunday, July 11, 2010

Calling all superheroes!

Happy 4th Birthday Seth! I can't believe he's four years old! Time flies by when you have kids! We are so grateful for our little Sethers! A few of his favorite things are transformers, the spray park, swimming, and playing with friends. He is my biggest helper around the house. He'll make his bed, clean up his toys, and he really likes to hold and feed Ethan. He is such a great big brother! My favorite thing is when he says "look at Ethan, he is such a cutie!"
For Seth's birthday this year, we decided to do a Super hero party. It turned out SUPER cute! It was kind of like super hero training, so they had to earn all their super hero gear by defeating the super villains (our cousin Brock and his friend), and completing their training. They had to detonate the bombs (pop the balloons) that the villains spilled, complete a training course, and remove the Kryptonite( green glittered rocks) without touching it. They each got a shirt with their super power on it, their power wrist bands, a mask, and a cape.The boys were all so cute! I made all their costumes, so it didn't even end up costing very much. Seth loved it! They each had their own super hero name and power, along with the letter of their name on their cape. I also made a volcano cake for him because that is what he wanted. It turned out pretty good, that's the good thing about volcanos, they're supposed to look messy! :)

We had a super fun 4th of July too! We partied all weekend! Brad and I decided that we're glad the 4th will only be one day next year. On Saturday we spent the afternoon with our good friends Eric and Leah. Their family rented a bouncy house for the whole day, and the boys took full advantage. Even after hours of playing we still had to pull them off when it was getting deflated. Thanx Eric and Leah for a kicking 4th of July party! You guys are so awesome! One of our other favorite days was going to Bear Lake. The boys had an absolute blast playing in the water and sand. It was a little chilly and windy, but isn't it always there? Anyways, we went to the fire works Friday, Saturday, and Monday nights. It was fun, but by Monday we were glad to be done. Here are the boys at Bear Lake. We have just been loving up summer! The kids eat popcicles all day, and we play out side as much as we can. ( because we never know how long summer will last around Idaho) Even Ethan loves the popcicles. I love his little scrunchie face! Here are a few pics of Ethan, just because I love this little boy!