Friday, December 4, 2009

3 crazy boys

Well, I didn't realize 3 kids could make me feel so busy, yet get nothing done. I feel like I'm constantly doing something and most days we can bearly get ready by 3:00 in the afternoon. Anyways, I wanted to tell our story of the day Ethan came. On Monday Nov. 9th I had a routine check with my OB. I was hoping he would just start me or something, because the last two checks I was a 4 and a 5. So, Brad's mom was watching the kids for me and I was off to my appointment. I sat and waited for probably 30 mins. and was trying to time my contractions ( which were'nt very close). When he came in he checked me he said I was at a 7! He called the hospital and sent me over because I was in labor. I called Brad at work, and ran to the book store to get a book to read, then walked into the hospital. When I told the nurses my name they laughed and said that they thought I was going to be coming in in a wheel chair and screaming. But I was just fine. Anyways, I got my IV and my epidural and chilled out for about 4 hours. Eventually the nurse checked me and said I was at a 10, and that maybe I should call my husband again because she was going to call over the doctor. So, I called Brad and told him and he said he was almost to the hospital. We waited about 1/2 and hour and then our brother-in-law (Scott) came and he and Brad gave me a blessing (just a little added comfort for a stressfull event). Then about 15 mins. later the doctor comes in whips off his jacket and suits up. He asked Brad if he wanted to deliver him, so.....he did. He did an amazing job, well, I think he did. Anyways, I thought that was pretty special. I probably only pushed for 20mins. and the nurse kept saying, "Ok, you can push...OK, now stop because the doctors not here, and I really don't want to deliver a baby today." It was the best delivery yet! I'm just grateful that I didn't have to have a c-section again. Ethan is such a sweet baby, and his brothers adore him. Sometimes I have to remove Luke from kissing Ethan, because he just loves him that much. Seth is really great with him. When Ethan's crying Seth will say,"he wants to see me mom, then he'll be happy." We are so glad that Ethan is a part of our family, he is my little angel.
Three is a little harder, but it's great! We're all getting back into the groove of things which makes it a little easier.
We took some Christmas pictures,but as you can tell it's hard to get everyone to cooperate.

Here are the boys being pirates. I decided to make some little pirate things so we could play something new. Seth liked it and played with me, but Luke tried to pull apart his hook, and wouldn't wear his eye patch. Oh well, can't say I didn't try.Here are all the boys together. That crazy face Luke's pulling shows his true colors. He's a maniac! These are a few of Luke and Seth lovin up the baby. He's never safe from Luke, not even in his swing.

Friday, November 13, 2009

He's here!!!!

Wow I should've just waited to post one more day, because our new baby boy Ethan came on Monday at 4:45 pm. I'll have to tell the story another time, because I have been getting these huge headaches from the epidural that only go away if I'm laying flat on my back. So, here are some pictures, and as soon as I can be upright for more than a few mins. I'll tell you all about it. :)
Proud Daddy!

Try not to notice my beautifulness, but we only have a few pics on our camera.

Sunday, November 8, 2009

Happy Halloween!

Wow! I can't believe what a slacker I am. I guess I'll just start by catching up a little. Everyone is doing great! The boys are getting so big, and so am I... I have about two weeks to go until our new little boy comes, but I'm hoping to get started a little sooner than that.
We had an awesome summer. We didn't really go on any big trips or anything, but we had a blast anyways. We did get to go to the Blackfoot fair with a couple of our friends. It was way fun to see the animals and go on a couple rides. The boys loved the little train! Seth also got this sticker from local news 8, and stuck it on his head. It got stuck in his hair and eye brows, and took a lot of soaking his head in water, and crying to get it off. It actually took a couple days before we got all the sticky stuff all off of him. In September we started doing preschool with a couple kids in the neighborhood, it's been super fun for Seth so far. Each of us moms take turns teaching for a month. We split up the ABC's, numbers, shapes and colors. I took September, I was pretty nervous about teaching 4 or 5 little kids, but it turned out to be really fun. Seth loves going to the other kids houses! It's pretty fun for him to get to play with kids his own age instead of his mom and brother. Here's a picture of the first day of school. Luke also got his first black eye the other day. He gets up so stinking early that it's still dark outside. Anyways, he got up and came into our room, tripped on some clothes and hit the corner of his eye on the bed frame. I didn't even know where he got hit until I got out of bed, and took him into the bathroom, and saw that blood was everywhere. He had a nasty bump and split his eye open. Poor kid!

Well, as for Halloween, we did a couple pretty fun things. We got to go to a pumpkin patch for pre-school, where they also had a little corn/hay maze for the kids. They LOVED it. We also got to pick out a pumpkin and take it home. The boys and I had a super fun time making Halloween decorations. Their favorite was our skeleton the we just drew and cut out of paper. Luke loved to run by it and say "Ooh, creepy".
The boys also loved painting and carving our pumpkins. I decided to let the boys paint theirs, and help me carve the big one. It was so fun! I think their favorite part was digging out the seeds from inside the pumpkin, just because it was so sick. All right, finally, Halloween was a blast. Seth wanted to be a bat, and Luke was a tiger. They had a ton of fun at the trunk or treat, and then we trick or treated to a few neighbors. It was all way fun! The older the boys get, the funner it is because they actually get what's going on, and want to do it. They were pretty bummed when we put our Halloween decorations away. Seth asked for days after Halloween if we could go trick or treating that night. He cracks me up!

Wednesday, July 8, 2009


Well, for those of you who haven't seen us in a while we are having another baby in November. It was a big surprise for us, but what an awesome surprise! I wanted to make sure that everything was good before I told everyone, and everything looked great. Well, we had our ultrasound yesterday, and I thought for sure this one was going to be my little girl, but nope.....we're having another little boy. I was hoping for a girl, but 3 little boys in a row so close together will be a blast. I'm way excited! Plus, I don't have to buy anything new, unless I want to, because I have all the boy stuff already. Now we just have to come up with a name. November may seem far away for you guys, but for me I can wait for a while to have 3 little boys 3 years and younger running around the house. It's going to be CRAZY!

Monday, June 29, 2009

Happy Birthday Seth! Big 3!

Well, yesterday was Seth's 3rd birthday. It was really nice. We ended up being able to see most of our families, plus some of our friends. It was such a party! I love seeing everyone and having them over. I think Seth had a great day. He loved all his presents (which were mostly from the dollar store, but they had all he wanted!). We attempted to make a spiderman cake, which turned out OK, but all that really matters was that Seth loved it.

We've also had some 1 yr old naughtiness at our house lately. These are just a few of the things our little Lukey has been up to. (1) He dumped out all the Q-tips and chewed on most of them, (2) He has been running and flinging himself into the bath after I get his pajamas and clothes on. I always get him out first because I know Seth won't drown in the 5 minutes it takes me to dress Luke. Anyways, now I either get them both out, or shut the door until I can let the water out. He is so hilarious! (3) He also loves his bottle and blankie. I've got to take the bottle away I know, but it's just too cute to see him draging it along with his bottle in his mouth.
Seth has been cracking me up lately. He says some pretty funny things that I know he must get from listenening to me. He calls a lot of things "creepy", and likes to pretend he's me by saying "where's my loves today?" He also just loves to dress up in any costume he can find. It's a sad day when he has to wear real clothes out in public. Finally we've come to some agreement. He won't have to wear a costume if his shirt has some sort of super hero on it. I'll have to post some pics of him in his suits. He has some that are pretty funny.
Oh.... I almost forgot Seth's biggest accomplishment so far. Yep, we're finally potty trained! He's doing so good! I'm so proud of him everyday! It was a pretty big deal since we tried a few times without success.
We also had a great time at the 4th of July fireworks. Both of the boys loved them.....and the glow sticks.

Monday, June 1, 2009

Summer is finally here!'s been a while since my last blog. I just thought I'd catch up on all that's been going on since April. Well, first off my little bro. Jake is now married to his sweet little Ashlee. They are so cute together. Their wedding was really nice, I love weddings! They are living up in Rexburg, so we get to see them quite a bit. I think it's super fun to have some of my family up here to hang out with. Here is the only picture I have of their wedding. Sooooooooo Cute!Well, our injuries have ceased for the moment. No more broken faces or legs. Luke's leg healed up really well, we left the cast on for 2 weeks, and when we took it off he only crawled the first day, but by the second day he was walking again. Thank goodness!

May was a pretty busy month too. We had a wedding almost every weekend to go to. Mother's Day and my 25th birthday (I know, so old) were only a day a part, and both of them were amazing. We had a nice visit to Preston, and we were able to talk Adam on the phone for a minute. It's so nice to hear his happy voice, and that he's doing well.
We're finally getting some nice weather up here, and we have been playing outside everyday. I love the summer and the sun! One of the boys favorite things is to play in the swimming pool with the slide. Here's the boys and our little neighbor boy swimming it up!
For family night the other night we decided to go to the green belt and feed the ducks and geese. Seth absolutely loved it. He used up all the bread, you can see what Luke was doing the whole time. It was a little too late for him.

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

The worst week ever

Well, you probably thought that after my last blog things probably couldn't get much worse. I'm here to say they most certainly can. Well, I was so excited because the boys and I were going to spend the week at my family's in Preston because Brad was going to Arizona for some classes. Anyways, we had a nice Sunday afternoon there, and Monday had it's ups and downs. Our one fun thing on Monday was going to lunch with one of my old friends Susannah. It's always nice to see some of my old friends. Well Monday concluded with Seth spraying tile cleaner (mostly bleach) all over my mom and dad's new house. We ended up being able to save the carpet, but it was pretty scary. Tuesday was by far the worst. My mom sometimes subs on the playground at the elementary, so we decided to go and visit her, and let the kids play a little. Well, Kadee wasn't out for recess yet, and a couple of kids asked if they could take the kids down the slides. They were some of the older kids so I said they could, plus I was watching them from below. Well, Seth decided that he wanted to go down the biggest, fastest slide. He changed his mind right at the top, so I was following him to the steps. When I turned around, one of the little girls was taking Luke down that same slide. When they came to the bottom Luke was absolutely screaming. The little girl said he must be scared, but he usually stops crying pretty quickly even if he gets hurt. Anyways, I asked the little girl if maybe his foot or leg got twisted and she said it did. We decided to leave and go take it easy since it was close to nap time. Luke cried the whole way home until I was able to get him down for his nap. My mom got home while he was still sleeping, and we decided to take him to the doctor. The doctor checked him out and decided we should get an X-ray just to make sure. I bawled. I can't take it when my kids are hurt. Especially when they're so little. Well, the X-ray showed that there might be a hairline fracture on his upper leg, a little above the knee. The doctor put a giant temporary cast on him, and later our pediatrition said to leave that cast on for a few weeks, because he could tell that his leg was definately hurt. So Luke's just lugging around his cast now. He can't walk on it, but that doesn't stop him from trying. He's so cute, but it just about breaks my heart to see him dragging his leg around in a big ol' cast.

Wednesday was a sad day at the Higley's as well. We got a call from the school saying that Kadee had had an accident at the school. Turns out that her and a little boy ran right into each other, and she broke off part of her front tooth. She also gave the little boy a black eye. I told her that's not how you're supposed to kiss boys....she didn't think I was very funny.

That night we all kept singing that this was "the worst week ever", and that the rest of the family better watch out.

Saturday was Jr. Miss, Ashlee did GREAT! She is such a cutie. I love watching those sort of things. She didn't win anything, but she still looked gorgeous and did an excellent job in all her groups.

Jake is super psyched! Only 2 1/2 more days until he gets married. I'll have to post some pictures when we get back. I love weddings! Him and Ashlee are so stinkin' cute! I love newley weds, they're so sweet.

Well, we also got our family pictures done a couple weeks ago. My favorite one is of both the boys.

Luke is constantly doing this funny face, so I thought I might as well get a picture of it.

Easter was a blast! This is the first year we've colored eggs. Seth did a great job. He loved it! He even ate the hard boiled eggs because they were colored. Here he is showing off his eggs.

Friday, March 13, 2009


Well, yesterday was a terrible day for us. It all started when I decided to go shopping for a smokin' dress for Jake's wedding. We had gone to lunch at Mc Donald's with some friends, and then we drove over to Fred Meyer. It was getting to be nap time, but I figured the boys would survive a few minutes of shopping. I was way wrong.
I found some cute dresses and was trying them on in the dressing room, and Seth kinda lost it. He was mad at me because I said I wasn't going to buy him the Batman that he was holding onto. He started to open the package, so I picked my dress and left Batman in the dressing room so we could just buy our stuff and leave. As I was pulling out of the dressing room Seth leaned over the cart reaching for Batman and fell out right onto his face. I couldn't reach him in time because the cart was in the way. I could hear his face smashing into the floor, but I just couldn't get to him fast enough. It was so Awful! I hurried and picked him up and ran him to the nearest desk. He was bleeding from his mouth and nose, and just screaming. Luke was also crying, and I was just bawling.
Brad and I ended up taking him into our pediatrition, and he said he should be fine. He also said he'll look worse than he feels, and I sure hope so because his face looks so sore. He says he has a scary eye now. He's doing fine today, he's acting like himself, and wants to me to play with him and his new Batman. He hasn't thrown up yet, so I'm hoping he didn't get a concusion. He has been playing with his new Batman nonstop (I ended up buying it because I felt so stinkin bad). It was such a horrible day, but I'm just glad he's OK. He ended up with a huge bonk on his forehead, a black eye so puffy he can bearly open it, a sore nose, bloodied teeth, and a little bonk on his chin. What a trooper!

Here is another picture of our little bashed up boy. :(
Here are a few other pics I took of the boys being handsom before church.
Here's Seth being Spiderman, and Luke getting in the fridge (one of his favorite things.)