Monday, November 1, 2010

Halloween 2010

We were Mr. Incredible, Elasti-girl, Dash, Jack Jack, and Syndrome. Mine and Brad's masks were kind of Doofy, but it was still fun.

Just had to post really fast about Halloween. It was super fun! We were the Incredibles, and Seth was Syndrome. We did our Trunk or Treat and then went trick or treating around our neighborhood. The boys have worn their costumes for a week straight. It was a fun night all around. We even got Brad to dress up with us.


Howells Fam said...

Did you make their costumes? They are so cute! Happy Halloween!

Kate said...

You definately look like and incredible group :) What a cute family!

Child Family said...

Great minds think alike :). Good job on the costumes. You have such a cute family.