Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Partners in Crime

Well, it's been awhile since my last blog, so I thought I'd hurry and post one. We haven't been up to anything too exciting, it's been so stinkin' cold that we've had to make our own fun for the past little while. I let the kids get dressed up about everyday, because they love it so much. Plus I think it's a blast when Seth walks around all day referring to himself as "batman" or "buzz lightyear". Here's the boys as batman and the flash. They keep pretty busy by messing up as they go. They've started being partners in crime when it comes to making messes. Once I get one room cleaned, they run in to it and pull things off the shelves, and toys from the toy box. Seth thinks it is his job to destroy every bed that's been made. He loves to pull off all the pillows and throw them onto the floor. Luke loves the cupboards. He will pull anything he can out of them. The other day I was doing the dishes while he was messing in the cupboard, and when I looked back, I couldn't see him. I looked around and saw that he had climbed into the cupboard and was sitting in the back of it. Here's a picture of the little crazy man. Luke is also pretty much walking now. He can move pretty far without using anything to hold onto now. They are maniacs, but we love them!


Brandon and Kristina said...

i am gald you updated. we havent talked in forever. I was just thinking last night that it is almost lukes b-day...i wonder if he is walking yet. i saw that jake is engaged. that is so cool. call me and lets do something.

Clint & Ainslee said...

That first picture of Luke sitting in the cupboard is adorable! (Well, they both are, but that one is a little bit closer!)