Wednesday, April 15, 2009

The worst week ever

Well, you probably thought that after my last blog things probably couldn't get much worse. I'm here to say they most certainly can. Well, I was so excited because the boys and I were going to spend the week at my family's in Preston because Brad was going to Arizona for some classes. Anyways, we had a nice Sunday afternoon there, and Monday had it's ups and downs. Our one fun thing on Monday was going to lunch with one of my old friends Susannah. It's always nice to see some of my old friends. Well Monday concluded with Seth spraying tile cleaner (mostly bleach) all over my mom and dad's new house. We ended up being able to save the carpet, but it was pretty scary. Tuesday was by far the worst. My mom sometimes subs on the playground at the elementary, so we decided to go and visit her, and let the kids play a little. Well, Kadee wasn't out for recess yet, and a couple of kids asked if they could take the kids down the slides. They were some of the older kids so I said they could, plus I was watching them from below. Well, Seth decided that he wanted to go down the biggest, fastest slide. He changed his mind right at the top, so I was following him to the steps. When I turned around, one of the little girls was taking Luke down that same slide. When they came to the bottom Luke was absolutely screaming. The little girl said he must be scared, but he usually stops crying pretty quickly even if he gets hurt. Anyways, I asked the little girl if maybe his foot or leg got twisted and she said it did. We decided to leave and go take it easy since it was close to nap time. Luke cried the whole way home until I was able to get him down for his nap. My mom got home while he was still sleeping, and we decided to take him to the doctor. The doctor checked him out and decided we should get an X-ray just to make sure. I bawled. I can't take it when my kids are hurt. Especially when they're so little. Well, the X-ray showed that there might be a hairline fracture on his upper leg, a little above the knee. The doctor put a giant temporary cast on him, and later our pediatrition said to leave that cast on for a few weeks, because he could tell that his leg was definately hurt. So Luke's just lugging around his cast now. He can't walk on it, but that doesn't stop him from trying. He's so cute, but it just about breaks my heart to see him dragging his leg around in a big ol' cast.

Wednesday was a sad day at the Higley's as well. We got a call from the school saying that Kadee had had an accident at the school. Turns out that her and a little boy ran right into each other, and she broke off part of her front tooth. She also gave the little boy a black eye. I told her that's not how you're supposed to kiss boys....she didn't think I was very funny.

That night we all kept singing that this was "the worst week ever", and that the rest of the family better watch out.

Saturday was Jr. Miss, Ashlee did GREAT! She is such a cutie. I love watching those sort of things. She didn't win anything, but she still looked gorgeous and did an excellent job in all her groups.

Jake is super psyched! Only 2 1/2 more days until he gets married. I'll have to post some pictures when we get back. I love weddings! Him and Ashlee are so stinkin' cute! I love newley weds, they're so sweet.

Well, we also got our family pictures done a couple weeks ago. My favorite one is of both the boys.

Luke is constantly doing this funny face, so I thought I might as well get a picture of it.

Easter was a blast! This is the first year we've colored eggs. Seth did a great job. He loved it! He even ate the hard boiled eggs because they were colored. Here he is showing off his eggs.