Thursday, February 24, 2011

Happy Birthday Lukey!

Well, I'm a little slow at posting, but Luke just had his 3rd birthday. I can't believe he's already 3 years old, it just goes by so fast. Well, for Luke's B-day we ended up having his cake the Sunday before, because my family was up that weekend. It was nice to be able to celebrate a part of his birthday with them. I love making their cakes for them (even though they aren't the best), but I feel like it's more special that way, and that I'm giving them something just for them. Anyways, I let Luke pick out what he wanted on his cake, and he wanted red spiderman. My friend told me you can make fondant(?) out of marshmallows, so I decided to try it. I thought it turned out pretty good considering I've never tried it before. It was fun to make, but not the tastiest thing I've ever had. Luke loved it though, and that's what really matters. He got some pretty fun stuff for his birthday including a recorder (aka flute), a harmonica, and of course some cars. He was such a cutie, and got super shy whenever we sang "happy birthday" to him. He also does his "happy eyes" when ever I tell him to smile. I love it!

Luke is quite the helper lately too. He loves to help with the dishes, and can often be found wiping things off with diaper wipes. He loves to play with his brothers (when they're not fighting), and loves anything that has to do with Disney's Cars, Spiderman, and Batman. He still climbs on EVERYTHING, and nothing is too high for Luke. We sure love our little guy!

Everyone else is doing great! Seth is loving pre-school, and Ethan is getting big. He is also a climber. Ethan loves his baths, and thinks it's the funniest thing ever to hide in the shower curtain. Oh the cuteness!